WRATE is used to assess the environmental impacts of waste management activities during their whole life.

It allows users to track the environmental impacts from kerbside collection to advanced waste treatment facilities, such as anaerobic digestion, through to ultimate disposal.

WRATE has been designed by those involved with waste management planning and who are involved in the day-to-day decision making associated with waste management master planning.

The main innovation of the software is its ability to add user-defined processes and waste composition. This allows waste managers to model more realistically their own waste management systems.

Due to the simplicity of its graphical user interface, the tool will improve communication between the various stakeholders involved in the development of new waste management infrastructures.

While originally developed for the Environment Agency, WRATE is now owned and supported by Golder Associates (UK) Ltd.

WRATE icons

Who should use WRATE?

Those involved in Waste Infrastructure Funding and Provision:

  • International Investment Institutions (e.g. Green Investment Bank)
  • Applications for Green Bond funding (e.g. Climate Bond Initiative (CBI) Green Bond Accreditations)
  • Waste Management Providers
  • Waste Technology Providers
  • Consultants